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Smoked Salmon Natural Style

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Smoked Salmon Natural Style

Smoked Salmon Natural Style Bottled Water Info Salmon
  Country: United States
  Region: Alaska
  Placename: Ketchikan
  Species: Pink Salmon
  Source: Wild
Smoked Salmon Natural Style
  Smoked Salmon Natural Style, also known as a
Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Natural Style is characterized by a light pink color, fine texture and mild flavor. Smoked Salmon Natural Style's mild flavor allows the smoke process to carry through the entire Salmon.

After being delivered to our smokehouse in Alaska within days of being caught, only the best Salmon are selected for smoking. Once selected, the salmon are hand filleted and soaked in a traditional Native American brine. The Salmon is then smoked over alder wood fires. Finally, each fillet is inspected before it is sealed in a gold foil pouch known as a retort locking in the Salmon’s freshness and rich flavor. The gold foil pouch is then packed in our award-winning gift box for further protection. No preservatives, coloring, oils or artificial ingredients are ever added to these Kosher-certified Natural Smoked Salmon fillets.

Pink Salmon, has a little less oil content and a lighter rose colored flesh. The lower oil content provides a Smoked Salmon product that has a mild salmon flavor. Both are excellent products for smoking. Select the Smoked Salmon flavor profile that is right for you- rich or mild.

Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon is cured in a traditional Native American brine made up of salt and spices and then smoked over an Alder wood fire.

Smoked Salmon Natural Style

  Wild Pink Salmon

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History of Lox
Lox is another name for “smoked salmon,” commonly served as an appetizer in up-scale restaurants. The term “lox” comes from Lachs, the German word for salmon. But Lox is actually not smoked.