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Alaska Smokehouse

Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon features gourmet products which are produced in Alaska within an industry rich in scenery, history, and seafood. An abundance of delicacies are available from these waters, including wild Alaskan salmon, which makes a truly wonderful Smoked Salmon product, as well as herring, halibut, crab, prawns, pink shrimp, and sablefish. Most wild Alaskan fish stocks are at their healthiest levels in years, and we have shore-based processing plants in several Alaskan locations from which to source this delicious seafood.

All of our Smoked Salmon Smoking is done in Ketchikan, Alaska- located in southern southeast Alaska (about 700 miles north of Seattle) among some of the richest salmon grounds in the world and "smoker-central" to our business. The smokers are integrated into our general production plant, which gives us unusually tight control and management of products, from the time fish are hoisted on board the fishing boats in nearby waters, to when they ship from the warehouse.

Alaska Smokehouse is unique within the industry, in that its products are smoked in an Alaskan facility, located right on the docks where salmon are delivered directly from the fishing fleet.

Smoked Salmon Natural Style Smoked Salmon Natural Style
Smoked Salmon Natural Style is characterized by a light pink color, fine texture and mild flavor. Smoked Salmon Natural Style's mild flavor allows the smoke process to carry through the entire Salmon. more info »
Smoked Salmon Sockeye Style Smoked Salmon Sockeye Style
Smoked Salmon Sockeye Style, the best-known Northwest Salmon, has exceptionally rich flavor, reddish color and firm texture. more info »
Wild Salmon Stixs Wild Salmon Stixs
Salmon Stixs deliver a wonderful "on-the-go meal" or snack whether working, hiking, fishing, biking or hunting. Now you have a chance to experience Natural Salmon Stixs directly from the crystal clear waters of Alaska. more info »

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History of Lox
Lox is another name for “smoked salmon,” commonly served as an appetizer in up-scale restaurants. The term “lox” comes from Lachs, the German word for salmon. But Lox is actually not smoked.