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Jerky-Style Dried Salmon

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Jerky-Style Dried Salmon

Jerky-Style Dried Salmon Bottled Water Info Salmon
  Country: United States
  Region: Alaska
  Placename: Juneau
  Species: Sockeye Salmon
  Source: Wild
Jerky-Style Dried Salmon
  Indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, our Salmon Jerky is a hybrid of our two smoking styles. Like Alaskan-Style Hot-Smoked Salmon, the Jerky is cured in a liquid brine. Then, like our Lox, it is smoked at a low temperature. But unlike the Lox, it is smoked for a very long time so it will dry out completely.

Available both in Peppered and Regular Salmon Jerky

Jerky-Style Dried Salmon

  Wild Sockeye Salmon
  Wood Smoke

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First there were rugged mountains and silvery fish. Then came the beaver, the Mountie, and the native chief on horseback. During the war, fish came back — this time shaped like torpedoes — and warships replaced the mountainous backdrop. Peacetime brought rosy-cheeked housewives and smiling men proudly displaying their catch.