**Washington Smoked Salmon

Washington Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon from Washington
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  Port Chatham Smoked Seafoods' Portlock Brand
Over seventy years ago, in the small fishing village of Portlock Alaska on the banks of Port Chatham Bay, Norwegian immigrants Anne and Adolph Nilson began developing their art of smoking salmon. They started serving family and friends as they combined the curing and smoking techniques of local Native Americans with age-old Scandinavian and European methods.
  SeaBear Smokehouse
In 1957, fisherman Tom Savidge and his wife Marie built a backyard smokehouse and began selling smoked wild salmon to local taverns in his home of Anacortes, Washington. With that Specialty Seafoods was born (later renamed SeaBear after Native American legend).
  Vital Choice Seafood
Because wild salmon is such a fundamentally good product, the Vital Choice formula is simple: bring benefit to both our customers and producers by procuring the very best fish and delivering them in prime condition at a fair price.
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A History of Smoke Preservation
Foods have been preserved by smoke-curing since before the dawn of recorded history. People in all cultures the world over have relied on the smoke-curing of fish and meat products for long-term storage.