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Got a hot date in just three days time? What do you do? Do you head off to a trendy boutique to pick up the latest designer outfit? Do you splash out on expensive jewellery to add a touch of sparkle? Or do you phone your favourite hair salon for a cut, colour, and style? Well, as it happens, none of the above. All you have to do is visit your local fishmonger and pick up some fresh salmon.

It’s salmon, salmon, and more salmon, says American Yale dermatologist, Dr Nicholas Perricone. He believes salmon holds one of the vital keys to looking younger. Eaten in enough quantities with certain other foods, he claims it can actually wipe away those wrinkles.

“Salmon has a chemical in it called DMAE. My grandmother used to tell me that fish was brain food - and she was right because DMAE actually increases your ability to think. It also has an effect on the nerves that are connected to the muscles in your skin. When you eat salmon every day you get more DMAE and it increases tone also. Sagging is what really makes you look older, so by correcting that with the DMAE in the salmon, you’re correcting all the signs of ageing,” says Dr Perricone.

Ageing - according to Dr Perricone - is a disease. Being so committed to finding a cure, he formed the International Conference of Anti-Ageing five years ago - a society where scientists from different specialities exchange ideas on how to combat this condition.

Dr Perricone describes what influenced his passion for fighting ageing.

“Medical students have to look at all sorts of diseases with the naked eye and then look under the microscope. Whenever I would see cancer, I noticed inflammation surrounding the cancer. And I asked the professor about that and he said, ‘Well, it’s probably the body’s immune response’. Then when I was studying dermatology, I was looking at ageing skin and there was never ageing skin present unless there was the same inflammation.

”I thought that was very interesting. Inflammation and certain forms of disease seem to be connected. So I came to the conclusion - after a lot of research - that ageing is a disease. It’s an inflammatory disease. And therefore if it’s an inflammatory disease I should be able to come up with some sort of therapy, just like I do for arthritis,” says Dr Perricone.

In his book “The Wrinkle Cure”, which hit the New York best-seller lists in March last year, one of the key factors is that you don’t need to have surgery to get a younger-looking skin, but rather eat certain types of food. Called “Facelift in a Fridge”, it’s the eat-your-way method to a better-looking skin.

Dr Perricone says he wrote “Facelift in a Fridge” to prove a point: “What we eat makes a profound difference in how we look on a daily basis, and the changes come about very quickly. In three days you can look different enough so that your friends and you can notice a difference,” notes Dr Perricone.

So we decided to investigate Dr Perricone’s promise of a facelift in three days. We persuaded three Johannesburg women with busy careers and stressful lives - and character lines to show for it - to take the diet for a test drive.

Case Study No 1 is Salome Brown: “I lead a very stressful life. I travel a lot and I work under huge pressure. I’m a single mother now and I have kids that are quite demanding.” As a corporate communications manager, Salome travels internationally and often after a night on a plane has to put in a full day’s work: “What convinced me immediately was anything that would make me look better and younger,” she says.

Case Study No 2 is food photographer Libby Edwards. Late-night shoots and long hours at her digital camera have left their mark: “Recently everyone has been saying to me that I’ve got puffy eyes … so I thought ‘wonderful’ … if I can make the eyes look better, why not?”

Lastly, Case Study No3 is Vanessa Burnett, a food stylist who combines her brilliant career with a young child: “I don’t mind growing older, I don’t feel any older at all. But the main negative for me is that I’ve got a young child who is four-and-a-half. At her school there are a lot of really young moms who are 24 or 25, and I don’t want her to be at school and people to say, ‘Is your grandmother coming to collect you?’” says Vanessa.

All were persuaded to see if this three-day diet could wipe away their wrinkles. Dr Perricone says the diet is really simple. “The whole core of the diet is eating anti-inflammatory fruits and broiled salmon - about a four- to six-ounce serving. If you do that twice a day it’s even better,” explains Perricone.

So salmon for lunch is good. Having salmon for dinner as well… that’s even better. Don’t forget to always serve with a green salad.

Vanessa feels sceptical about the diet: “I don’t think once you’ve got wrinkles they are just going to disappear. But I think that it could make you look really healthy.”

For breakfast Dr Perricone favours oatmeal with berries and other fresh fruit like melons, apples and kiwi fruit. Sounds simple enough - but will there be results?

He thinks so: “When you have less inflammation you’ll lose body water. And that means you lose swelling in the face, and you tend to get more contours and a sharper jawline. Your skin will be more radiant, and fine lines tend to disappear in two or three days too.”

Sugar is the real villain of the diet. Dr Perricone believes that sugar is responsible for 50 percent of ageing - and that doesn’t mean only avoiding the obvious sugar traps like cream buns and cakes.

“The thing to avoid, of course, is sugars and things that are converted into sugars in your body - like pasta and rice and bread … when you have a rapid rise in blood sugar, you get inflammation. In addition to that, sugar can actually attach to collagen in our skin. And that attachment is irreversible. It’s called cross-linking,” he explains.

Three days later Carte Blanche visited Salome and her family, to follow up on how she survived the weekend, which included a party. Salome says she’s noticed a difference in her skin.

“I think it’s finer. It’s certainly more smooth. I think around the eyes there’s a bit of an improvement. I think if you stay on it for another few days it’s going to really improve,” says Salome.

While we could certainly see a new subtle radiance to Salome’s skin, Libby and Vanessa are divided in the effects of their three-day diet. Libby says she’s still worried about the bags under her eyes.

“I don’t think they’ve gone. In fact I was a bit concerned this morning. Overall my skin does feel good, but the main problem seems to still be there,” says Vanessa.

Vanessa says she’s definitely noticed a change in her skin: “I feel much healthier - I think my skin looks much healthier. And I feel that the lines have been softened quite a bit. Obviously all my wrinkles haven’t gone, but I do see a big difference.”

Dr Perricone says he has an ulterior motive in advising the diet. “I’ve been telling my patients for 15 years to eat in this manner to prevent heart disease or breast cancer. And that’s an abstraction - they don’t believe it’s going to happen to them. But if they can see a difference in the mirror the next morning, it’s highly motivating. So I’m going to use vanity to get everybody healthy,” he says.

What does he see 10 years ahead? “The anti-ageing movement is very powerful. It’s a worldwide movement. And physicians now know that prevention is truly the key here. The health-care bill in the US is enormous, and if the baby-boomers reach ages 65 or 70, and they’re not healthy, the system is going to collapse. And I think what’s going to happen is we’re not going to extend the lifespan to, say, 120 years. But if we have a life expectancy of 70 or 80 years, our goal as anti-ageing scientists is to make people healthy and happy and independent for the last few weeks or the last few days.”

Essentially, Dr Perricone is convinced that the ageing process can be slowed down.

II think you can really control the rate at which you age through these options. And that’s empowering … and if you know you’re going to be healthy for your full life expectancy, it’s going to change the way you do things,” he says.

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Plastic surgery isn't the only way to keep the aging process at bay. With the proper care you can have fabulous skin in your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond," promises author Nicholas Perricone, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine.


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